Tolive Superfood Blends 


What is Vegan Protein? 


Tolive blends include protein which is 100% vegan, we use seeds, grains and legumes which are rich in protein and healthy fats.Our vegan Protein smoothie mix contains three different types of protein, our Protein smoothie mix is both functional for post workouts and can also provide our vegan or vegetarian consumers a dose of complete protein. 



Which Tolive mix does what? 


Our blends each have unique functionality. Our Revive and Protein blends can be used Post Workout while our Green and Active blends are best before workouts. The revive blend is made with antioxidants and adaptogens which help to balance your body, Our Protein blend provides the body with essential proteins and superfoods, the Active blend to liven up your morning (great as a coffee replacement), Tolive green blend helps to detox the body and boost the immune system. If you want more information about each of our ingredients you can head to the ingredients page or read more about each product here. If you have any questions about the products in general you can email 


How are the Mixes formulated? 

Our ingredients were first blended in Michal’s very own kitchen and then she and Yachin sought out professional health experts in the field of naturopathy and nutrition. The blends were made  to be functional, healthy and of course delicious. Our blends were tested hundreds of times over a three year period before we found the perfect combinations. (you could say we’re perfectionists) 


Are your blends Vegan,  gluten free and Certified Kosher? 

Our blends are 100% vegan friendly, gluten free and are kosher certified. 

Are the mixes nut free? 

Our blends are made in a manufacturing facility which does also process nuts therefore our blends are not 100% nut free although none of the blends actually contain any nuts. 


Where can I find the nutritional contents? 

You can find all the nutrient contents when you select each product. 

Are your Mixes safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms? 

Our blends are safe for women who are breast feeding, however our Active blend does contain Siberian ginseng and therefore it’s recommended to consult with a doctor before consuming this blend. 

Are your Mixes Kid friendly?  

All of our blends are naturally sweet and kids love them! Our Active blend shouldn’t be consumed by kids under 3 years old as it contains the herb siberian ginseng and isn’t recommended for very young children. Our recommended blends for kids are the Purple Revive and Yellow protein blend. 

How many smoothies does 1 pack include? 

1 smoothie pack includes 5 smoothie pouches. Each smoothie pouch makes 1 smoothie 

How many smoothies can I consume a day? 

We recommend that you drink no more than 2 smoothies a day as we’ve included potent superfoods which should be consumed daily but not overdone. 

Can I use Tolive if I take medication?


As much as we’re passionate about health, we aren’t physicians and we can’t keep track of all the medications out there. We recommend that if you’re taking daily medication that you should consult your physician before consuming tolive as we include medicinal herbs and spices which might not be paired well with certain medication. 

Where should I store the mixes?


Our tolive pouches are vacuum sealed and therefore are pretty easily stored and don’t spoil. However it’s still best to store our packs in a cool dry place. If you only use part of a pouch than you should make sure that the rest is sealed and placed in the fridge. 

How long are the blends good for?

Using Freeze-dry allows us to lock in nutrients, put our blends into vacuum sealed packs and this allows us to keep Tolive on the shelves for a much longer time period yet we don’t use ANY unnatural preservatives to do so. Unopened and stored properly, the blends can last up to a year. The best before date will be written on the box. 


How can a powder be nutritious? 

We use Freeze-dry technology, which is a way of drying fresh produce at a very low temperature which removes all the water and maintains maximum nutrients. We freeze-dry our produce as soon as it’s harvested and therefore we preserve all the nutrients in time. When you mix our blends with any liquid, all the flavors, aromas and textures of the original fruit and veggies, come back to life! 

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