Michal and Yachin, co-founders of ToLive and brother/sister duo, are lifetime health and exercise fanatics. 

Michal and Yachin are passionate about living active healthy lifestyles however after raising their own families made them realize how hard it can maintain a balanced lifestyle, especially while always on the go.   

Yachin's 30+ years working in the food industry was where he found countless brands disguised as health products. As a passionate cyclist he wanted to find something he could easily grab  pre-sport, but came up empty handed. Eventually he came across ingredients that would change everything and make his life and many others, much more simple. Freeze-dry ingredients. 

Freeze-dry is the process of removing the water content from fresh produce. The end product is naturally preserved and remains nutrient dense and flavorful. He realized that using this technology meant that someone would only need to add water or liquid to freeze-dry fruits and veggies and voila! A delicious drink on the go.

He brought his idea to his sister Michal, knowing she shared his passion for health and fitness and together they started brainstorming. Michal took the lead in the kitchen and over several months she tested countless recipes. The smoothies were a big hit among family and friends who were pleasantly surprised by the delicious taste and convenience.   

They sought out nutrition experts and found unique combinations that would boost stamina and recovery for workouts and simply boost nutrition easily and of course taste delicious. The result is a daily functional smoothie that people can enjoy anytime, anywhere and everywhere, without any effort.  ​

“We are a proud family run business. Some say that family and business should never be mixed but I disagree. Working as a family has made our team and our product unique. Yes, we might argue from time to time, but that's the foundation of honesty that ToLive is built on. It requires a lot of push and shove to make an honest product and working as a family has allowed us to build on that from the get-go" 


“Our mission is to make healthy living easy so that people wouldn't have to think twice about it. Tolive superfood smoothies is not just another high end product made for a specific type of person. Our blends were made for everyone who want to boost their energy and their health.” Yachin    

 ToLive smoothies make healthy living easy anytime

 & everywhere.

 Our blends are made from only 100% Natural clean 


  Each flavor includes a harmonious mixture of raw plants,   fruits, super-foods and spices.

  Our blends are made specially by a naturopath 

  Michal Kirsh- Chinese Medicinal herb specialist. 


"With a leading medicinal herbalist and sports nutritionist  we developed the easiest way to get more vitamins, minerals and overall daily nutrients into your diet. We have 4 delicious Blends that are made with functional ingredients to bring you overall health, and a big boost of energy!" 

-Co-Founder Michal Metzger 

The Natural taste, texture, and color bring you

 guilt-free pleasure to sports nutrition.

Add liquid to our delicious  blends,

shake EM' and go! 

It's that easy.

ToLive Smoothies help maximize your

workout and boostyour energy levels

throughout the day.


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